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JoyAmo’s women personalized name bracelets are great presents for your loved ones!

Name Bracelets for Women make meaningful presents for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.

Striking gold name bracelets, silver name bracelets, and friendship bracelets with names and initials to die for!

Browse JoyAmo Jewelry Collection of custom bracelets with names and you will discover a word of heartfelt personalized gifts!

Cut Out Name Double Chain Bracelet

Cut Out Name Double Chain Bracelet

Gold bracelets for women with name

Show the world your unique name and personality with JoyAmo’s personalized name plate bracelet collection.

Original designs and handcrafted personalized pieces to match any personality and style.

Name Bracelet With Dainty Disc Pendant

Name Bracelet With Dainty Disc Pendant

Custom bracelets

Honor and praise someone you love with a gold name bracelet or an engraved name bracelet.

Create a unique custom name bracelet as a special present with the help of JoyAmo customized jewelry.

Dainty Name Bracelet

Dainty Name Bracelet

Gold name bracelets for women

Gold Plating name bracelets are the latest trend in personalized jewelry and JoyAmo’s designers nailed it with a super sophisticated and modern collection.

Bracelets with names or initials in rose gold plating and yellow gold plating are also fantastic presents for a graduation, quinceanera, or sweet sixteen celebration

Name bracelets

Whether she loves yellow gold plating bracelets or name bracelets in rose gold plating, you will always find the perfect gift to surprise the fashionista in your life.

She can be your sister, bestie, or auntie, custom name bracelets are versatile pieces of jewelry for fashion lovers.

Surprise her with something that only she can wear, as unique as her love, like a gold name plate bracelet or bracelets with names on them.

Bangle Bracelet With Name

Bangle Bracelet With Name

Personalized name bracelets for women

In the realm of thoughtful gifts, personalized name bracelets for women stand out as cherished keepsakes.

Whether celebrating motherhood or honoring the special bond between a grandmother and her grandchildren, these bracelets hold sentimental value beyond measure.

Here’s why name bracelets make the perfect gift for moms and grandmas alike:

  • Name Bracelets for Moms: Customized with the names of her children, these bracelets serve as a constant reminder of the love and joy they bring into her life.
  • Name Bracelets for New Moms: Welcoming a new addition to the family is a monumental moment, and a personalized name bracelet allows a new mom to carry her baby’s name close to her heart.
  • Name Bracelets for Grandma: Grandmothers hold a unique place in our hearts, and a bracelet adorned with the names of her grandchildren is a touching tribute to the bond they share.
  • Name Bracelets for Nana: For those affectionately called “Nana,” a personalized name bracelet is a heartfelt gift that symbolizes the love and appreciation of her grandchildren.

The sleek design of these custom bracelets for women makes them great presents for your mom, grandma, sister, or bestie.

Inlay Infinity Bracelet

Inlay Infinity Bracelet

Friendship Bracelets with names 

Regardless of whether she is your bestie’s birthday, her graduation, or just because you want to celebrate the strong bond that unites you, JoyAmo designed a special collection of pretty bracelets and name friendship bracelets with engraved names as a tribute to friendships all over the world.

Celebrate the strong bonds that unite friends all over the world with Joyamo Jewelry.

Engraved bracelets

Admire the classic and sublime collection of dainty and elegant engraved bracelets from JoyAmo.

All name bracelets from JoyAmo Jewelry come with a one-year warranty so you know that when you buy on our site, you are getting a piece of jewelry of the highest quality and design.

MoM Disc Bead Names Bracelet

MoM Disc Bead Names Bracelet

 Bracelets for women with name

There are important moments in our lives that we want to celebrate with the persons we love: birthdays, births, communions, and anniversaries.

Sterling Silver 925 is a great metal to craft amazing designs and models for all your unforgettable moments.

A silver name bracelet or gold nameplate bracelet has a one-year warranty, and comes in an elegant and chic gift box, ready to melt her heart!

Gourmette Name Bracelet

Gourmette Name Bracelet

Personalized bracelets

JoyAmo Jewelry girl bracelets with names or initials are fantastic presents for a teen on her birthday, her graduation, quinceanera, or her sweet sixteen celebrations.

Young women know how to appreciate good quality jewelry from a very early age!

You would be surprised how girls already at school wear personalized jewelry.

Bracelets for women with name

All JoyAmo’s name bracelets for women are available in Sterling Silver 925, 18k yellow, and rose gold plating.

You can choose the metal you like the most and engrave her name and you have the ultimate heart-melting gift.

Tell us your story with the piece of jewelry you like the most. JoyAmo, your choice!