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Forget whether oversized sweaters and pants are in, or what the trendiest make-up line and perfumes are, this fashion season is all about layered jewelry, especially layered necklaces! This season you are going to ask yourself if you are even fully dressed if you are not wearing a silver layered necklace set! Layering necklaces are the hottest trend the world is looking at, and JoyAmo Custom Name Necklaces & Jewelry has a special collection for all the ladies that love fashion and want to follow the latest vogue.

Layered necklace set by JoyAmo Jewelry

The excitement of layered necklaces had been long known by women. Not only do they make the perfect jewelry and fashion statement, but can lift even the most boring outfit. Nowadays, at Zoom meetings, where your colleagues mostly see just your head and neck, any piece of jewelry that can be worn in this part of the body becomes a total fashion hit! 

Even teens are joining the current gold and silver necklace layering mood and they are mastering this art big time!

However, there are some tips you have to take into account when choosing the type of necklaces you are going to layered and the metal and style of these necklaces. First of all, check if they are comfortable enough to wear, especially those chains made from heavy metal, or if the chains can easily tangle. A layered necklace set is a statement piece of jewelry that makes a great present for any fashionista! If your bestie is obsessed with jewelry, follow our advice and surprise her with a 14k gold layered necklace set that will become her favorite piece of jewelry.

Gold layered necklace for women by JoyAmo Jewelry

It is always a great choice to use layered jewelry to complement your outfit. Just be sure to check yourself in the mirror so you can gauge how successful the look is before you leave the house for a party, or hop on your next Zoom video call.

Let’s talk about one of the most iconic trends of the season: layered gold chains! Simple and plain gold chains worn layered are all you need to wear to demonstrate that you are a fashion icon.18K rose gold plating or 18k yellow gold plating chains are definitely the must-have of the season.

Jump into the hottest trend with the collection of JoyAmo Jewelry! Pair the Dainty Heart Name Necklace or the flashy One Shade Engraved Heart Mother Necklace With Birthstone with any of our incredible layered chains. 

We suggest pairing any of the creations of JoyAmo with the sleek Greek Vertical Necklace or the Vertical Design Name Necklace. If you are into sparkling stones, get the unique 4 Names 3D Bar Necklace or the Threads Of Life Drop Birthstone Necklace.

JoyAmo gold layered necklace set and Layered gold necklace for moms

Of course, choosing your necklace from the thousands that are out there online, on the runway, on TikTok, as well as in stores may not be as easy. Fortunately, JoyAmo Custom Name Necklaces & Jewelry is here to guide you in the right direction. If you are looking for something a little more delicate and stylish for your mom or wife then something like the fantastic Chunky Matte Initial Necklace made in 14K solid gold is a great choice. Your mom will love wearing layered necklaces that came from you!

Sterling silver 925 stacked necklaces Selection by JoyAmo Jewelry

Another major fashion trend in jewelry right now is silver stacked necklaces, and it seems they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Indeed, custom stackable necklaces with a touch of color are very popular and easy to match. In particular, search for shapes that are combined with real gold or artificial diamonds to add glamour to any outfit and occasion.

For a more relaxed look why not opt for a mix-and-match of silver and gold, something that combines the shine of these two metals but, at the same time, it looks effortlessly chic and glamorous? Why don’t you try 3 silver layered necklaces or 3 gold layering necklaces? Or perhaps a white gold layered necklace? The majestic Big Initial Necklace paired with the Curved Name Plate Necklace are great examples of sophistication and style.

JoyAmo creates jewelry so you can choose the style that best suits your personality and style, or the style of the person that matters to you the most. JoyAmo, your choice!