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Going back in time, coin necklaces have been worn throughout centuries to bring good fortune and good luck to the wearer. They functioned as amulets and talismans to attract wealth and prosperity. These necklaces with coin-shaped pendants were often engraved with messages of sentimental or secret value and also they were used as a sign of social status, wealth, and power.

Nowadays we wear jewelry just because we love it, it is beautiful and very often it has sentimental value. Gold coin jewelry is the trend of this season. We can see influencers and actresses in Social Media wearing coin pendants because they are gorgeous, a unique expression of timelessness, and they match any attire, whether it is a day suit or a nightdress.

Gold coin pendant necklaces by JoyAmo Jewelry

The gold coin pendant necklace is one of the most wearable fashion trends of 2021. And while it’s incredibly trendy now, it’s also timeless and can be worn by women and men alike.

The important variety of models makes these kinds of necklaces very popular. Gold medallion designs are super versatile, allowing designers and companies to create their own designs and show their own creativity, style, logo, and identity.

In winter you can pair any outfit with silver coin necklaces and you will look great, and in summer you can match any beach look with a coin pendant necklace for the most chick set. You can also layer them with different styles of necklaces, and even mix-and-match metals.

Coin necklace gold plating or Sterling silver by JoyAmo Jewelry

JoyAmo Custom Name Necklaces & Jewelry has an amazing collection of coin necklaces for ladies that love sophistication and glamour. Coin necklaces gold plating and Sterling silver for your mom, grandma, bestie, nana, and any lady in your life that loves high-end jewelry.

Browse JoyAmo’s site and discover a new dimension of coin necklaces, ready to rule her jewelry box! Check the chic Elegant Two Discs With Birthstones Necklace, the vintage Vertical Disc Necklace, or the romantic Forever Attached Discs Necklace. In any of these coin necklaces, you can engrave her name or initials and choose the metal that better matches the recipient’s personality.

Coin pendant necklace line from JoyAmo Jewelry

Customizing a coin pendant necklace and coin necklaces is a wonderful way to tell her that you took the time to choose a real gold coin necklace that only she can wear! JoyAmo also has a selection of custom mens coin necklace assortment, in case you want to pamper him on Father’s Day or his birthday!

If you want to surprise her with a unique Sterling silver coin necklace, check the meaningful Disc Family Tree Necklace and the exquisite Personalized Double Layer Family Tree Necklace. You can personalize these pendant coin necklaces by engraving the names of your loved ones and adding their respective birthstones.

Silver coin necklace and a gold coin pendant necklace for her by JoyAmo Jewelry

If you are looking for a gold coin necklace pendant or a silver coins necklace for your mom or wife, for Mother’s Day, an anniversary, or her birthday, we have the best gold coin pendant designs for her! Check the emotional Engraved Mom Disc Necklace With Inlay Heart, the maternal Mother Circle Necklace With Inlay Heart, and the super sweet Engraved Mom Disc Necklace.

You can choose between 18k rose gold plating, 18k yellow gold plating, Sterling silver 925, or 14k solid gold initial coin necklace and you can add meaningful engravings for the ultimate piece of jewelry!

If you want to get a gift for a lady that has everything, on the JoyAmo Jewelry site you will find a white gold coin necklace as unique as she is! Get her the mesmerizing Engraved Disc Initials Necklace With Birthstone, engrave her initials and add her birthstone and you will have a present that will be her favorite piece of jewelry.

How to make a coin necklace?

If you want to wear a trendy coin necklace or you want to give it to someone you love, on JoyAmo’s site you will find a way to personalize any coin pendant necklace according to your style and personality.

If the coin pendant necklace is for someone you admire, JoyAmo has your back! All our jewelry comes sealed and protected by an elegant and chic, ready to be placed under the Christmas Tree, or ready to be a surprise present for her birthday, Mother’s Day, your grandma, or your sister.

JoyAmo Jewelry has a special treasure for each of the persons that have a special place in your heart! Visit JoyAmo’s site and choose the special one that will melt her heart. JoyAmo, your choice!