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In JoyAmo Jewelry we want to celebrate all the accomplishments you’ve made as a mother. Being a mom is the best reason you’ll ever have to take care of yourself. You are learning about strengths you didn’t know you had. JoyAmo Custom Name Necklaces & Jewelry created the Baby Feet Necklace collection to celebrate the magic of motherhood.

Baby feet necklace for mom

Motherhood is an empowering journey. It’s incredible what moms’ bodies are capable of. Moms create life, the birth of that life, and then nourish it. No matter how exhausted a mummy is, her body keeps going on. In JoyAmo we want to let her know that we are at her side all the way with an amazing gold baby feet necklace or an adorable mom baby feet necklace.

Check the Mama Heart Pendant With Baby Feet, and engrave the names of her kids, one on each baby-foot pendant. You will be able to choose her favorite metal and the length of the chain.

If your mom or wife loves sparkle, get the mesmerizing Inlay Mom Necklace With Baby Feet. Engrave each of her kids’ names on each baby-foot charm, choose the metal that better matches her skin tone, and choose the length of the chain. The incredible Swarovski stones of the Mom pendant will have a wow effect on her!

Baby feet necklace with birthstone

Mothers love anything that celebrates their children. Get her the sweet Vertical Baby Feet Necklace With Birthstones and engrave the names of her kids on the baby feet charms and add the respective birthstone on each charm.

Birthstones are a great complement to any baby feet necklace pendant because they add light, sparkle, and color. And you can rest assured that she will wear the necklace everywhere she goes. It is a great gift for mothers any time of the year, and especially, on their birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas.

Baby feet necklace with name

Any of JoyAmo’s stunning and handcrafted mom baby feet necklace will also make a beautiful gift for a new mommy. First-time moms truly deserve our support and to be pampered by the miracle of birth with this commemorative jewelry.

Get her the Name Necklace With Underlying Charms, and she will absolutely fall for it. Engrave the name of the newborn on this adorable baby feet and mom necklace and she will cherish it and wear it always.

Personalized baby feet necklace with name line

An engraved baby feet necklace is a heartfelt present for any mom, and you can choose between 18k rose gold plating, 18k yellow gold plating, and 925 Sterling silver.

Give the most important mom in your life the best-seller Round Mother Necklace With Inlay Baby Feet, that will have a special place in her heart and in her jewelry box.

An inlay mom necklace with baby feet is also a great present for your sister on the birth of her first little blessing, an office colleague, and of course your bestie. A sterling silver baby feet necklace is a great surprise present in a Baby Shower. A baby feet necklace charm pendant can also be the best Push Present.

Personalized baby feet necklace 

A baby feet necklace engraved in Arabic is one of the several options you can find on the JoyAmo Jewelry site. Check the amazing Arabic Mama Heart Pendant With Baby Feet. You can customize this baby feet pendant necklace by engraving the names of the children in Arabic. What better present for mom than a sterling silver baby feet necklace with engravings in the mother language of the mom?

JoyAmo’s custom-made jewelry has a one-year warranty and comes in an elegant gift box. You can also add a sentimental card to the gift. Customers receive the gift box and the gift card at no charge, and JoyAmo also offers extended returns and first-class customer service, for your peace of mind!

JoyAmo Jewelry knows that being a mother means being completely and totally overwhelmed by love, joy, responsibility, and selflessness. It also creates an endless and unbreakable bond that will last a lifetime. This is why we want to be at your side to share with you the most important moments. Share with us your story. JoyAmo, your choice.