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At present, signet rings are having a great moment in jewelry design although they have been in existence since before the Bible. In the past, rings were worn and used by persons who had some kind of social status and land ownership. Signet rings were used as seals, as a symbol or mark of the hand that sent or signed a document. Wax was melted onto the document and the top of the ring was impressed into the wax, leaving a clear and permanent mark. Signet rings are traditionally worn on the left pinky or little finger. Nowadays, rings are widely worn and appreciated and hold different meanings that have nothing to do with the past.

Gold Signet rings 

JoyAmo is always updated on the new trends, and our talented jewelers created an exclusive collection of personalized signet rings, crafted in the most exclusive metals. Silver signet rings, gold signet rings, and rose gold signet rings contribute to making our pieces, best sellers, and loved jewels worldwide.

Signet ring engraving options

Nothing personalizes better jewelry than your personally chosen engraving. Whether it is a gift for someone you love or is a piece for you, creating an engraving makes it unique and personal. A custom signet ring or a customized signet ring is always a great gift for her!

Rose Gold Signet Rings

Check our gorgeous Two Initials Heart Signet Ring and the classic and elegant Inlay Signet Ring. By choosing the initial of the person dear to you, you create a seal or a personal mark that gives this ring, a unique character and personality.

Available in Sterling Silver 925, Yellow 18K Gold Plating, and Rose 18K Gold Plating, your gift will turn out to be a new favorite in her jewelry box. JoyAmo Jewelry has a great selection of affordable custom signet rings for all budgets.

Custom signet ring collection from JoyAmo Jewelry

Signet rings are great presents. Whether if it is Valentine’s, her birthday, your anniversary, her graduation, or just because, seal rings are beautiful pieces, outstandingly crafted by the artisans of JoyAmo to celebrate love! JoyAmo, your choice.