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name necklace gift

A personalized name necklace is a thoughtful and unique gift that can be cherished for years to come. This type of necklace features the name or initials of the person you are giving the gift to, making it a highly personal and meaningful present.

Name necklaces come in a variety of styles, from delicate and dainty to bold and statement-making. They can be made from a variety of materials, including gold, silver, and stainless steel, and can be customized with different fonts, sizes, and finishes. Some name necklaces even come with added embellishments such as birthstones or charms to make them even more special.

These necklaces make a great gift for a variety of occasions, such as birthdays, graduations, Mother’s Day, and anniversaries. They are also a popular gift for new mothers, as they can be a special way to honor the name of a new baby.

When giving a name necklace as a gift, it’s important to consider the style and taste of the person you are giving it to. If you are unsure about what style of necklace to choose, a simple and classic design in a traditional metal like gold or silver is a safe choice. If you know the person’s taste and preferences, you can choose something more unique and specific to them.

Overall, a personalized name necklace is a thoughtful and lasting gift that can be treasured for a lifetime. It’s a great way to show someone how much you care about them and to give them a piece of jewelry that they can wear every day as a reminder of you.

Personalized name necklace from JoyAmo

We all are given a name when we are born, and this name is not only related to our family history but also to our individuality as unique human beings.

Try our name necklace generator

Our name represents who we are and, in line with the concept, JoyAmo created an amazing and top-of-the-line collection of custom name necklaces, chains, and pendants to gift to the persons you love the most.

Mom name plate necklaces

Mom necklaces with children’s names are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Don’t miss out on your Name Necklace Previewer

If you are looking for a significant and unforgettable present for your mom, your true heroine, or if you want to praise your wife for her daily support, in JoyAmo’s collection you will find stunning children’s name necklaces and name pendant necklaces that will match her personality and look.

Custom Name Necklaces – the perfect gift for women

There is nothing more meaningful than giving your mom -whether it is for her birthday or for Mother’s Day- a high-quality necklace with names of her children engraved on it.

You can choose between cheap custom made necklaces with names or more expensive necklaces like – an 18kt Gold name plate necklace, Sterling Silver 925, or 14k solid gold. You can see all our necklaces in gold design in this link.

Design Your Own Name Necklace with JoyAmo

If you are looking for a spiritual present, check out one of JoyAmo’s personalized name necklaces like – the classy Name Anchor Necklace or the vintage Vertical Names Necklace.

Remember that a personalized gold name necklace is a sure bet for any lady with style.

We have many necklaces designs and styles of nameplate chains you can choose for every meaningful event.

Baby name necklace for mom

If you are looking for a spectacular present for a first-time mom, it does not matter if it is a Push Gift or a Baby Shower Gift, the Mom And Baby Necklace or the Elegant Three Discs With Birthstone Charms Necklace are great personalized name necklace options to celebrate the blessing of giving birth.

Necklace with kids names

There is nothing more significant to gift a girl, than a cute customized necklace with name.

As surprising as it might sound, from an early age girls show interest in jewelry name necklaces.

Our sparkling Two Hearts Name Necklace or the striking Classic Side Heart Box Name Necklace With Birthstone are excellent presents for a birthday, a communion, a sweet sixteen, or a quinceanera.

Celebrities all over the media wear necklaces with a name pendant and the idea of making your own name necklace took the world by surprise.

Gold chains with name plates like our top-selling Big Heart Name Necklace and the Engraved Name Disc Necklace.

 JoyAmo’s name necklace generator

Name Jewelry is always a fantastic treat for you and for someone you love, and JoyAmo knows this!

Whether it is Sterling Silver, Gold Plating, or 14K Solid Gold our personalized fashion name necklaces will always make a huge difference in everybody’s life. Remember JoyAmo, your choice!

Get a necklace with name on it today!

Where to buy name plate necklace?

You can buy a name plate necklace at the JoyAmo Jewelry online store. You will find on JoyAmo’s site, a stunning collection of name plate necklaces available in different metals and exquisite designs.

How much is a name plate necklace?

The price of a name plate necklace depends on the metal and the specific design of the one you choose. Some name place necklaces carry birthstones, Swarovski stones, or special engravings, therefore the price can be higher.

What to write on your name plate necklace?

In general, people engrave their names and the names of their children or loved ones. Lately, we noticed a new trend in name place necklaces with the engraving of dates, meaningful words, geographical coordinates, businesses, and even the names of places.

How do you make name plate necklace?

We recommend you reach out to a jewelry maker with a good reputation in the jewelry world, like JoyAmo Jewelry. JoyAmo Jewelry has been designing and manufacturing personalized name plate necklaces for years and has created stunning pieces. Personalized and custom-made nameplate necklaces are great gifts for birthdays and anniversaries.

How to make a customized name plate necklace?

You can customize a name place necklace by choosing your favorite metal and by engraving your name, the name of your loved ones, of a meaningful world. You can so add your birthstone or your favorite Swarovski stone. We also recommend you choose the fond for the engraving.

Are name necklaces on trend?

JoyAmo Jewelry created a super trendy collection of name necklaces to accessorize any outfit. Name Necklaces are great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and any celebration where you want to show how much you care. Celebrities all over the world are striking name necklaces under the spotlight.

Are name necklaces popular with teens?

Name Necklaces are very popular accessories among teens. Whether they get them during the back-to-school beginning, for the quinceaneras, or for sweet sixteen celebrations, name necklaces are trendy and fashionable gifts for any teenager that loves to dress in style and show off her name. Name Necklaces are also super sentimental graduation gifts.

Are name necklaces tacky?

Name Necklaces are not tacky, on the contrary, name necklaces are trendy and fashionable pieces of customized jewelry worn by people of all ages. The Name Necklaces became super popular after the famous and iconic Name Necklace Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City wore on one of the most famous episodes of the sitcom.

Is it weird to wear a necklace with your initial on it?

Initial Necklaces are a great alternative to name necklaces if you prefer a more minimalist piece of jewelry. You can personalize a necklace with your initial or the initial of your loved one.

What year were name necklaces popular?

Personalized name necklaces became popular in the ’80s, especially among the younger population. Rapidly custom name necklaces became an unstoppable fashion statement and runaway must-have.

Is a gold name necklace a good gift?

A gold name necklace is a great gift for fashionable friends that loves to stand out and wear trendy jewelry. Whether you love gold or silver, you can’t go wrong with a personalized gold name necklace.