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What is a Carrie name necklace? A Carrie name necklace is, originally, a no more than $100 simple gold plating pendant, which Sarah Jessica Parker, the protagonist of the sitcom Sex and the City,  expertly matched with luxury jewelry and the most sought designer clothing. 

Sarah Jessica Parker wore for the first time the now-called “Carrie Name Necklace” in the episode called An American Girl in Paris (Season 6). The episode included a piece of jewelry as one of the main elements of the love story which later on became famous as the Carrie Name Necklace.

The Sex and the City SitCom was originally based on a book by Candace Bushnell. The TV series is a sensuous, provocative, and romantic sitcom that centers the plot on the lives of four ladies living in New York City. The four main characters represent different personal traits but, with their ever-shifting sex life and romantic relationships, they remain best friends who trust each other and share their failed relationships as well as their happy ending moments.

The series tackled various topics from fashion, sexuality, safe sex, promiscuity, immorality, romance, feminism, and many more while exploring their own self and the many differences in relationships. It starred Kim Cattrall as Samantha, Cynthia Nixon as Miranda, Kristin Davis as Charlotte, and Sarah Jessica Parker who plays Carrie Bradshaw.

Carrie, the lead character and the narrator of the series is a writer for the New York Star newspaper and has a weekly column titled, Sex and the City. Carrie’s character loves and breathes fashion. She is an obsessive shoe lover with an obsession with designer brands. She also loves to match discounted vintage items and high-end labels, and, of course, she loves jewelry.

We all agree that jewelry is an indulgence that society has long enjoyed. The glittering beauty of gold and diamonds brings feelings of luxury and sophistication. But since Sex and the City, the Carrie Necklace became a symbol of modern jewelry, independence, empowerment, and being true to yourself.

Carrie style name necklace by JoyAmo Jewelry

Most of us have a favorite piece or two that we wear religiously every day. These items tend to be sentimental, given by someone we love. If your favorite piece of jewelry is the same necklace that Carrie wore, you are in the right place.

JoyAmo Custom Name Necklaces & Jewelry has an outstanding collection of Carrie jewelry for you, or ready to pamper that special person. It can be a great present for your girlfriend, your bestie, your mom, your bestie’s graduation, a colleague, a quinceanera, or a sweet sixteen celebration! Nowadays teens and young girls wear Carrie name necklaces even at school!

When heading to a more formal event like a wedding or a fancy party, many women focus on the dress they choose, but they neglect the fact that the jewelry can be the perfect finishing touch and accessory.

Carrie chain necklace line from JoyAmo Jewelry

On the JoyAmo Jewelry site, we have a name Carrie necklace for each personality and style! Browse our site and discover the vintage Carrie Box Name Necklace and the fancy Carrie Name Necklace With Box Chain.

The right choice of jewelry has the power to accentuate your natural beauty and highlight your unique features. While making a purchase decision, consider your skin tone, as well as your hair and eye color. Take into consideration your dressing style and lifestyle.

Carrie style name necklaces by JoyAmo Jewelry

We all have our own style. Some of us love to experiment with statement accessories, while some prefer keeping them minimal. When you wear a Carrie necklace you show a statement piece of jewelry that, although minimal, has immense meaning.

Don’t miss out on the dainty Small Carrie Name Necklace With Box Chain and the super luxurious Carrie Rolo Name Necklace.

If you want to stand out in the crowd, a name necklace will do the job! You’ll be staying true to yourself and reflecting on it with your jewelry.

Carrie jewellery for all fashion ladies, from JoyAmo Jewelry

If you are looking for a statement necklace for your sister, bestie, teacher, or colleague, the Carrie Name Necklace With Rolo Chain is a sure bet! The adorable Carrie Style Box Name Necklace and the delicate Carrie Style Name Necklace are also pieces of jewelry to have in mind.

All our jewelry comes in a protective and elegant gift box, ready to surprise that special someone.

Not everyone needs to follow the latest fashion trends to make a personal statement. Knowing what works for you and how best to exhibit your most beautiful Carrie-style necklace is enough to create your unique style. 

Whether you choose Sterling Silver 925, 18k rose gold plating, 18k yellow gold plating, or you want to upgrade to 14k solid gold, all the creations of JoyAmo have a one-year warranty, except solid gold which has a lifetime warranty.

Classic design never goes out of style. The Sex and the City name necklace Carrie is here to stay! Get yours now! JoyAmo, your choice.

Where did Carrie get her Carrie necklace?

Carrie got her beloved name place necklace from the designer Patricia Field, who has a store in New York City. Name Necklaces are timeless and Carrie proved it so!

What necklace is Carrie wearing in just like that?

The necklace with spiked hearts that Carrie is wearing is by Marlo Laz. The Marlo Laz Spiked Heart Necklace by Jesse Marlo Lazowski is made in Manhattan, where the designer has a store that is practically next door to the West Village building where Carrie’s apartment is located.

Who made the original Carrie necklace?

The designer Patricia Field happens to have a store in New York City. She designed this iconic nameplate necklace inspired by the script necklaces shoppers at her East Village boutique had been wearing.

What necklace did Carrie Bradshaw wear?

Carrie started donning a lot of Bulgari gold jewelry around the third season. The Tondo Necklace on a gold chain was one of the items she frequently wore. She also consistently wore a Bulgari-Bulgari 18K gold watch throughout that time.

Why is Carrie necklace important?

Carrie could have purchased a new, far more expensive necklace than her “Carrie name necklace,” but she chose not to. For Carrie, the name necklace was precious because of the memories and sentimental significance it held. No other necklace could have taken its place.

How did Carrie Bradshaw get her Carrie necklace?

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) started wearing the necklace during season 2 of “Sex and the City”, which premiered on HBO on June 6, 1998. The stylist Patricia Field was the one that presented it to Sarah Jessica Parker. Patricia Field said that she found the inspiration for Carrie’s nameplate necklace while at her New York boutique.