How to Mix and Match Stones in Your Jewelry

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Everyone wants to be fashionable. When we are ready to go out, whether to work or out on the town, we want to look our best. We might choose our favorite outfit or have something to wear in mind; usually, along with that, we have some idea about how we might want to accessorize. Accessories can help to make an outfit come alive and learning to mix and match colors and stones can help your accessories stand out.

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How to Mix and Match Stones in Necklaces

If sticking with one color stone doesn’t suit your outfit or your personality, it can be difficult to know where to begin. If you’re not quite as bold as mixing colors, try mixing shades first. For example, if you like blue stones, consider using a range of blues. A necklace with a sapphire-blue stone coupled with a turquoise-blue stone makes for a nice contrast. Even more subtle, wearing a stone such as yellow sapphire coupled with yellow topaz offers a slight contrast that isn’t incredibly noticeable but still draws the eye.

If making a bold statement matters to you and represents who you are, then mixing and matching more variant color stones might help you do that. A bold pairing such as ruby and sapphire, or sapphire and diamond, will draw more attention. These pairs open up more opportunities for accessories. Mixing stone colors in your necklace might make it easier to match with different color shoes and earrings, opening the door for other fashion risks.

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What about Rings?

If you’re wondering how to mix and match stones in rings, the answer is similar. In fact, many people are seeing mix-and-match stones occurring more frequently in engagement rings. This once again offers people the opportunity to have a custom piece of jewelry to best match their personality and personal flair.

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