How to Care for Your Personalized Jewelry

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When you invest in beautiful personalized jewelry, you want to keep it safe. Personalized pieces are a unique reflection of your personality and oftentimes are irreplaceable. Taking good care of your jewelry can ensure that it will last for a long time.

How to Care for Your Jewelry

Getting ready for a night on the town might mean getting dressed up, putting on a beautiful face of makeup, and, of course, accessorizing. If you’re planning on wearing your personalized piece, put your makeup, perfume, and any other chemicals, such as hairspray, on first. These chemicals can actually tarnish your jewelry over time. The same goes for cleaning or swimming. Cleaning in your jewelry may feel second nature but it’s important to remove it first. Exposure to chemicals such as bleaches or chlorine can ruin your jewelry.

After a fun night out, it’s understandable to be tired. Before hopping into bed, make sure to remove all jewelry. In order to stay in the best possible shape, your jewelry should be stored correctly. Keeping jewelry in a special jewelry box, untangled, can help preserve it longer. If it goes untaken care of, it can get damaged.

Of course, if you’re wondering how to take care of your jewelry, you should also consider regular cleaning. Soft cloths can remove fingerprints and other oils and substances. Mild cleaning with warm, soapy water offers a deeper clean. This can keep your beautiful jewelry in perfect shape so it can be admired for years to come.

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How to Take Care of Your Costume Jewelry

Fashion jewelry can get tarnished a bit easier if it goes untaken care of. This jewelry is fun and really spruces up an outfit so you want to make sure that you know how to care for your costume jewelry to preserve it and make it last. First, keep costume jewelry clean and dry. Costume jewelry can tarnish if not.

Costume jewelry should not make an appearance every day. Rotate out your costume jewelry to give each piece a break. The more you wear costume jewelry, the faster you might see its color compromised. Additionally, remove your jewelry at bedtime because sleeping in it can damage it. Before putting away your jewelry at night, giving it a quick clean can remove sweat and help the metals to avoid oxidation.

Some people opt to coat their fashion jewelry in clear nail polish but this practice is not recommended. If you are looking to preserve your jewelry, coating it in clear polish can actually damage it further. Coating your jewelry can eliminate shine and alter the appearance. It also isn’t a solution meant to last. At some point, that coating is going to fall off and you will be left with a piece that appears to be chipping. No one wants to go out for the night feeling beautiful only to look in the mirror and see her or his jewelry looking as if it’s falling apart. This can be embarrassing and unsightly.

The JoyAmo Difference

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