How to Take Care of Your Gold Jewelry

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If you are lucky enough to have gorgeous gold-plated jewelry, you are probably wondering how you need to take care of it. The last thing you want to do is accidentally damage your jewelry, but if you are not careful, this is exactly what may occur. Knowing some tips how to care for your gold plated jewelry will ensure that your jewelry looks as beautiful as the day you bought it. Buying quality-plated jewelry is the first step in making sure your jewelry always looks great, which is why so many people buy from JoyAmo Jewelry

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How to Take Care of Your Gold Plated Jewelry

The first step in taking care of your gold plated jewelry is to make sure you do not spray any perfume on your jewelry. Always put on your perfume first and then wait before putting on your jewelry so that the perfume does not interact with the metal of your jewelry. In the same vein, you want to wait to put on your gold-plated jewelry until after any lotions or creams you have put on have dried so that they do not rub on and coat the jewelry. Finally, take care of your rose gold jewelry by cleaning it every day after wearing it to remove any dirt or dust and to help shine it to look its best.

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Consider Your Storage

When storing your gold plated jewelry, you need to make sure it is wrapped in a very soft cloth and kept separate from other types of jewelry in your jewelry box to decrease the chance of it being scratched. If you notice that your jewelry is dirty after being worn and a light wipe with a cloth isn’t cleaning it enough, then you need to soak it in warm water before storing it. Add a little soft soap and allow it to sit in the water for a few minutes before gently wiping it clean. Avoid any antibacterial soaps or harsh jewelry cleaners.

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