The meanings of Blue Sapphire – the birthstone of September

Blue Sapphire Gemstones

You have probably seen many people wearing birthstone jewelry over the years. It’s an incredibly popular option for people seeking jewelry that has a deep meaning attached to it. There are a lot of historical meanings placed on these birthstones and there is also modern-day emotional significance placed on the gems. Learning about what each birthstone means should be very enlightening.

What’s the Birthstone for September?

Blue sapphire is the jewelry birthstone for September. This is a gorgeous gem that people love to use in different jewelry. It’s easy to see why people love sapphire because of how it catches your eye. That deep blue appearance is unmistakable and is certainly very fetching.

Blue Sapphire September Gemstones

A blue sapphire stone can be used to make incredible jewelry. It’s a versatile stone that looks great when set in either necklaces or rings. You will have plenty of options when it comes to how you want to use blue sapphire in fashion but it’s also pretty scarce. This natural gem is uncommon and this can make the price of blue sapphire a little high at times.

For this reason, most of the blue sapphire that is sold is actually artificial. You can buy artificial birthstone gems for a much more affordable price than the natural ones. They are of incredibly high-quality make and are virtually indistinguishable from the natural gem. This gives people the ability to enjoy birthstone jewelry without having to pay the very high prices for rare gems.

September Birthstone Meaning

The meaning behind the September birthstone blue sapphire is actually really interesting. Originally, sapphire was thought to guard against evil. This made it a very popular gem for those seeking protection in their lives. It was also thought to be capable of guarding against poison in various forms.

Currently, people associate sapphire with purity and wisdom. It has become a popular gem to use in graduation jewelry for this reason. Sapphire is one of the most popular options for September jewelry and it looks stunning when set inside a fashionable necklace. The meanings associated with it help to keep it one of the most popular gems around.

Blue Sapphire Gemstones in a jewelry box

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