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Followers of the zodiac signs believe that there is a special relationship between a person and his or her birthstone.

There is a stone for each month of the year and for each astrological sign. This kind of unique and strong bond also exists between a grandmother and her grandkids!

Grannies love their grandkids with adoration and grow an emotional connection that lasts for generations.

And what better to commemorate the bond between a grandma and her grandchildren than a birthstone necklace for grandma.

Grandma necklace with grandkids names

The tradition of wearing birthstones is not new. Birthstones adorn jewelry with their color and unique sparkle.

If you want to surprise your grandma or nana with a little token of your love and affection, JoyAmo Jewelry has an incredible collection of birthstone necklaces for grandma that are great birthday gifts and Mother’s Day gifts.

Personalized jewelry always has that wow factor on the person that receives it!

If your grandmother loves sparkle, get her the Intertwined Hearts Necklace, the cute Birthstone Kids Charms Necklace, or the sparkling Family Heart Necklace With Birthstones.


Engrave the name of her kids and add their respective birthstones, and you will have a present she won’t stop wearing the whole year long and that will remind her of you.

Grandmother birthstone necklace

Before we proceed with the list of the best JoyAmo’s birthstone necklaces for grandma, we would suggest you check on Joyamo’s site the birthstones by month chart.

If you know the birthstones you want to add to the chosen custom jewel, you only have to decide on her favorite metal and her personal style preferences.

If your grandma or nana is super cheeky and is into boho she will love the Kids Charm Necklace.

If she is into hearts, get her the Personalized Family Heart Pendant With Names And Birthstones or the Heart Necklace With Birthstone, and if she loves trying new styles, get the original Atom Necklace With Birthstones.

Regardless of the grandmother necklace with names you choose, you will receive the jewel in an elegant gift box, ready to pamper your grandmother as she truly deserves.

Birthstone jewelry for grandma

A silver personalized birthstone necklace for grandma is a super-smart option since silver represents your grandmother or Nana’s life experience reflected in her grayish silver hair.

JoyAmo’s Sterling silver 925 Vertical Birthstone Kids Charms Necklace is a great option.

Gold plating represents the golden years of your grannie and the priceless relationship between her and her grandkids, the value of the time spent together. Gold is the most popular metal used in jewelry.


So here you can find an awesome gold birthstone charm necklace for grandma line: the modern Five Layers Engraved Hearts Mother Necklace With Birthstones and the minimalist Mother’s Two Disc And Birthstone Necklace.

You can choose between 18k rose gold plating and 18k yellow gold plating. Regardless of your choice, you are getting a high-end piece of jewelry with a one-year warranty so you only have to take care of the celebration!

Let your grandmother know what she means to you with personalized jewelry from JoyAmo!


Show your nana how much you care with a small but meaningful piece of jewelry that represents your heart. Celebrate love with JoyAmo. JoyAmo, your choice!