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The jewelry we wear is just as important as the jewelry we give to our loved ones! We can surprise our mom or grandma with an amazing 5 birthstone necklace from JoyAmo Jewelry, and we can also spoil ourselves with a necklace with a birthstone pendant that shows our personality and style.

Birthstone jewelry is a statement piece that can upgrade your jewelry box, and also can be a great gift for the lady in your life that loves fashion and high-end accessories. Personalized birthstone earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings will never go out of style! 

Fashion trends will come and go, but nothing can or ever will beat a classic custom-made 5 birthstone necklace from JoyAmo Custom Name Necklaces & Jewelry. All the collection of birthstone necklace 5 stones from JoyAmo is handcrafted by expert artisans in Sterling silver 925 and 18k gold plating and has a one-year warranty.

5 birthstone necklace for mom

Though birthstone necklaces are commonly associated with Valentine’s Day and birthdays, birthstones, and gems, in general, are timeless and make classic customized jewelry gifts that can be worn all year round and also have meaning because you add each stone according to the month the receiver was born. 

A 5 stone birthstone necklace is a stunning and super meaningful present for your mom if you want to give her a little token of your love as a representation of your endless bond. Mother’s Day is the most important day of the year to let her know how much you and the family care.

Check JoyAmo’s site and you will find a mesmerizing 5 stone birthstone necklace line, like the Family Tree Necklace With Names, the Personalized Mom Heart Necklace With Birthstones, and the classy Five Layers Engraved Hearts Mother Necklace With Birthstones. All these stunning 5 birthstone necklaces can be personalized by engraving the name of her children and adding the respective birthstones.

A customized 5 birthstone necklace for mom is a sentimental and thoughtful present for her Mother’s Day but also for her birthday, an anniversary, or just because. You can also give it to a dear friend and she will absolutely love it.

5 birthstone necklace for grandma

For ages, women believed that celestial events influence our lives on earth, so it’s not strange that birthstones and zodiac-themed jewelry are so popular among those who believe in it.

Regardless of your grandmother or nana being a zodiac lover or not, birthstone jewelry is among the most beloved gifts. Colorful and sentimental, a birthstone necklace for your grandmother or your nana will melt her heart.

Engrave her name or the name of her grandchildren and add their birthstones or their zodiac signs stones. The relevance of birthstone jewelry never fades and its meaning only grows with time.

Check on JoyAmo’s site the incredible twelve stones for each month of the year. Each bearing has its own mystical power and meaning. Whether you’re shopping for your birthstone, or choosing the favorite stone of your loved one based on their birthday, these birth gems are said to represent your traits, personality, and have good energy. Find out the properties each stone bestows and what it says about you or the wearer on JoyAmo’s Blog on the meaning of each birthstone. JoyAmo, your choice.