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For ages, people have had the desire to adorn themselves with different items of beauty and significance, and birthstone jewelry has long been a favorite stone among ladies that love color and sparkle. Greeks, Romans, Persians, and Egyptians firmly believed that gemstones possessed several magical attributes. For these ancient civilizations gems had the power to cure, to provide wealth, love, and life after death.

Nevertheless, there is no definitive source for the assignment of gemstones as individual birthstones. However, there are a number of interesting legends and stories that give testimony to the existence of different groups of birthstones. Some mythical stories tell that birthstones come from the ancient Tibetan culture and date back thousands of years back in time. Biblical birthstones were mentioned in the Bible’s Old Testament and suggest that the twelve birthstones can be traced to the twelve tribes of Israel. Ayurvedic birthstones date back to ancient Indian culture and civilization and they believed that certain stones have medicinal effects. Zodiac birthstones have evolved over thousands of years and astrologers have assigned gems depending on their colors to the twelve signs of the zodiac. 

Modern birthstones came into existence around the year 1912, when the American National Association of Jewelers drafted a chart in an effort to establish a standard for this type of gemstone. This chart of traditional birthstones is still in use today and is especially popular in the jewelry world.

two birthstone necklace

Giving birthstone jewelry as a present is both thoughtful and meaningful. A 2 birthstone necklace is a great option if you are looking for a pampering surprise for your mom! Check JoyAmo’s romantic Two Heart Necklace and the original Infinity Birthstone Necklace. Engrave her name and your name on the pendant and add your respective birthstones. Your mom, grandma, aunt, or any mother in your life will love to wear such a beautiful and significant personalized birthstone necklace.

A 2 stone birthstone necklace can also be purchased for your grandma or nana. Grandmothers love meaningful pieces of jewelry with the names of their grandchildren engraved on them, like the Circle Of Love Necklace With Birthstones and the Heart In Heart With Birthstones Necklace. You can choose her favorite metal whether she loves Sterling silver 927, 18k rose gold plating, or 18k yellow gold plating. You can also upgrade your purchase by buying a 14k solid gold necklace.

A birthstone necklace for mom 2 stones is a perfect present for other celebrations, like the birthday of someone dear to you, graduation, or even the wedding anniversary of your sister or bestie. Adding the birthstone of the person you want to surprise shows that you put an effort into giving something super personal that also has glamor and style.

Birthstones are also used in all kinds of personalized jewelry, including engagement rings, mother’s rings, earrings, and bracelets. Communions, baptisms, quinceaneras, or sweet sixteen, all are celebrations where personalized jewelry with birthstones can make a super emotional and unforgettable gift.

3 birthstone necklace for mom

Get your mom or grandma a custom-made birthstone necklace at JoyAmo! Create unique personalized jewelry with birthstones that reflect your birth month and possess mystical properties. From January to December, JoyAmo offers a variety of dazzling and affordable birthstone necklaces to add flavor and symbolism to your attire. View our entire collection of birthstone necklaces and order now for special offers. Regardless of choosing between a 2 birthstone necklace for mom or a 3 birthstone necklace for mom, place your order on the online store of JoyAmo Custom Name Necklaces & Jewelry and you will receive your package at home ready to be gifted.

Clearly, birthstone jewelry is a favorite for a lot of reasons. It is meaningful, beautiful, sparkling, and colorful. For these and other reasons, consider the gift of birthstone jewelry from JoyAmo.