The Meanings of Aquamarine: The Birthstone of March

Aquamarine birthstones

Birthstone jewelry has always been very popular.

Giving someone special a gift containing his or her birthstone is always something that is well received.

Showing your special someone that you remember and cherish him or her is important.

People see birthstone jewelry as a particularly special gift because there is a belief that they are connected to the wearer.

What’s the Birthstone for March?

If you were born in March, then you have been blessed by having aquamarine as your birthstone.

Not only is aquamarine beautiful due to its precious nature and incredible color but it also has a unique history.

If you’ve never looked into the origins and the meaning behind the different birthstones, then you should be very interested in what you’ll find out.

Aquamarine has been valued by people for hundreds of years.

The jewelry birthstone for March is seen to have certain admirable qualities that have always made it incredibly sought after.

Many different ancient cultures have thought of the stone as a symbol of happiness and youthfulness.

It’s been used in the arts for many centuries and was also popularly used for fortune-telling purposes.

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, aquamarine is certainly the most popular March jewelry.

It has always been highly valued since its discovery.

The seawater color of the gemstone is very appealing and it can be found both in shades of blue and green. In modern times, the bluest gems are the most precious.

Aquamarine Ring

March Birthstone Meaning

Generally, an aquamarine stone is seen as being connected to the sea. Sailors see aquamarine as a protective force against the dangers of the ocean.

Due to its connection with the sea, it is thought to give off a calm sort of energy.

Many people like to meditate on their birthstones and use them for self-reflection.

It’s also become trendy for people seeking spiritual healing.

Those who seek spiritual healing say that it has amazing properties for both physical and mental healing.

Using aquamarine is said to help people maintain a good temperament as well.

Wearing this birthstone allows people to remain level-headed in stressful situations.

Why does March have two birthstones?

March boasts two birthstones due to historical and cultural influences.

Traditionally, March was associated with the bloodstone.

Still, as preferences evolved, aquamarine was introduced as an alternative birthstone, offering individuals born in March a choice between two distinct gemstones, each with its own symbolism and aesthetic appeal.

What color represents March?

The primary color representing March is aquamarine blue, mirroring the tranquil hues of the sea.

Aquamarine’s serene shades evoke feelings of calmness, clarity, and purity, aligning with the transitional nature of March as winter fades into spring.

What is the birthstone for March Pisces?

The birthstone for March Pisces is aquamarine.

With its soothing blue tones reminiscent of ocean waters, this gemstone resonates deeply with Pisces’ intuitive and compassionate nature, enhancing their spiritual connections and promoting inner harmony and balance.

What birthstone is March bloodstone?

The traditional birthstone for March, especially for Aries born in the first part of the month, is the bloodstone.

This dark green gemstone, flecked with red spots resembling drops of blood, symbolizes courage, vitality, and strength. It is believed to possess healing properties associated with protection and energy renewal.

Buying Aquamarine Jewelry

You can find the most amazing aquamarine jewelry to purchase for yourself or a friend.

Finding actual aquamarine can be pretty rare.

It is a precious gemstone, which can make it a bit on the expensive side.

For people to have access to their birthstones more readily, most aquamarine jewelry is now made artificially.

The great thing about these artificial gems is that they look stunning.

You can’t tell the difference between the masterfully crafted artificial jewelry and the natural gemstone while wearing it.

Quality artificial stones can help people enjoy a connection with their birthstones without the high price tag.

The variety of different jewelry that you can choose from is extensive so it’s possible to buy a stunning piece for an affordable price.

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