The meanings of Citrine – the birthstone of November

November Gemstones

What’s the Birthstone for November?

Citrine is the jewelry birthstone for November. This is a beautiful gem that has a very specific appeal. It has a brilliant orange color and is part of the quartz family. Simply gazing at a Citrine gem will allow you to see that it is very stunning. People love using this gem in many different types of jewelry.

November Swarovski Gemstones

It’s an incredibly durable gem, which makes it a popular choice for many purposes. People love Citrine but it’s a bit of a rare find. Natural Citrine stone gems can actually be very expensive. This makes it somewhat difficult to get jewelry that is made with this natural birthstone.

The best option is to make use of artificial Citrine . Artificial birthstones are actually the most commonly bought jewelry. These artificial gems are very high quality and will look just as good as the natural jewel itself. You won’t be able to tell the difference and you’ll be able to afford the jewelry much more easily.

November Birthstone Meaning

When you look into the historical meanings behind the November birthstone Citrine , you’ll find that it has always had a deep association with health. People give gifts of Citrine gems to promote vitality. It has also been said to give the wearer energy. This makes it an excellent gift for anyone that you wish to have a life full of healthiness and abundant energy. For this reason, Citrine has become popular in November jewelry sales.

In modern times, people have begun to associate Citrine with wealth as well. Wishing good fortunes upon the person receiving the gift is said to give him or her luck in financial matters. Giving a gift with good intentions is always the best choice. You can give something beautiful to someone you care about and hope that it can be a great good luck charm for him or her going forward.

Rings with citrine gemstone

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